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Article: Episode 44 - Luv & Co. - Dr. Melodie Davis Bundrage


Episode 44 - Luv & Co. - Dr. Melodie Davis Bundrage

Dr. Melodie Davis Bundrage, the visionary founder of LUV + CO, delves into the transformative world of clean beauty and entrepreneurship. Driven by a profound mission to inspire confidence and unity among Black women, Dr. Melodie identified a glaring need for accessible, high-quality organic products in underrepresented communities.

Dr. Melodies’ unwavering commitment to empowering Black women ignited a journey that led her to establish her flagship store in the heart of a thriving, melanated suburbia. Furthermore, her personal story as a SCAD heart attack survivor underscores the significance of self-care in entrepreneurial success. It's a powerful reminder that in the pursuit of purpose-driven business, nurturing our own well-being is the cornerstone of creating lasting, meaningful change.

Quote from interviewee for callout box: "We don't have the neighborhood clean beauty store that services Black women. I wanted to create that, and so that's what we did."

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

  • Recognizing the importance of accessibility in the beauty industry, particularly in underserved communities, and the need for more high-quality cosmetic options for Black women
  • There is power in embracing contentment and finding peace in various life situations, whether it's a high-profit day or a low-profit day.
  • The significance of being aware of health disparities and conditions like SCAD (Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection) and taking care of one's overall well-being

Check Out These Highlights:

  • Dr. Melodie passionately articulates her vision of promoting greater circulation of financial resources within the Black community, recognizing that Black women wield significant purchasing power, particularly within the beauty industry (7:19)
  • Dr. Melodie talks about her plans for the future, which include expanding partnerships and spreading clean beauty awareness (16:27)
  • Dr. Melodie shares her self-care journey, emphasizing the need to slow down, delegate, and take care of her health (21:15)


  • “I did it based on my research and my dissertation, and to make sure that we eliminated all of the toxic ingredients that were linked to health disparities in black women in particular in the medical journals.”
  • "There comes a time where you just have to delegate and let go. You can't control everything in your business."
  • "In all things, just be content."