Golden Flourish

Like many of us, I journeyed through my teens and 20s, wanting to uncover my purpose. I liked helping people and was excited about sharing wellness, but didn't know how I could go about living that. 

I was the one who friends would turn to when they needed someone to:

a) listen to what was going on in their lives

b) gave non-biased support and

c) still support them in whatever decision they made.

So I took the leap and started my journey to become a health and wellness coach. During this time, I  uncovered my soul given purpose; to nurture the life of the next generation

It is important for me to work with millennial women, especially those of color. Often you're are busy giving to others but not to yourself. You are the mother's, aunts, sisters, and teachers of the next generation and taking care of you allows you to grow and nourish yourself through your own wellness, in order to contribute to the wellness of our future generations. 

It is important to unravel the journey and have at least one person supporting you. This is why I want to support you. I want to help you create the time you've been seeking to improve your wellness.

So let yourself flourish sis!