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Curl Mix Hair Care System

Formulated with 100% Natural Ingredients

Plant-Powered: Crafted from a plant-based formula
Fragrance-Free: Works great on sensitive skin and scalps!
Aromatic Choices: salt derived from lauric acid (found in coconut oil), to create an all-natural and hydrating lather that’s safe for your skin and hair

Sale price$40.00
Curl Mix Hair Care System
Curl Mix Hair Care System Sale price$40.00


Kim Lewis

Kim created CurlMix, a revolutionary hair care system that will change the way you feel about your curls.

With our clean, natural products and foolproof technique, you’ll achieve the luscious curls you've always dreamed of.

Join thousands of women who discovered the power of CurlMix and say goodbye to dry, damaged curls forever.

Why You'll Love It

Purely Plant-Powered

Crafted from a plant-based formula


Works great on sensitive skin, scalps, and noses ;-)

Hair Growth

No more dry, itchy scalp, and no dandruff. Hair growth starts with a clean scalp and our shampoo won’t strip your hair.

believe the hype