Essential Oil Roller Blend - Headache Relief


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Keep your head cool, calm, and collected with this unique blend of essential oils. With the relieving power of coconut mixed with other benefit-packed oils, quiet the noise and find your peace. Use it in the morning, afternoon, or night when you need tranquility and centeredness.

Coconut Oil: This oil is filled with soothing and relieving antioxidants to help prevent feelings of pounding and throbbing.

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Magali G.

I love this essential oil roll-on remedy for headaches! It smells great and is easy to apply. I've used it for a couple of minor headaches and it seemed to get rid of the headaches--major win! I bought one for myself (of course) and one as a Christmas gift for a natural products-loving friend who will be traveling overseas soon, so this is a great carry-on item that will help her have a smooth 12 hour flight! Will definitely purchase again.

Veronica D.

I ordered this as a gift, and it was never received. I contacted BLK + GRN a month later to ask why it wasn't yet delivered, and they told me it was out of stock and gave me store credit. Why was I able to order an item that was out of stock? And why was I only alerted that it was out of stock when I contacted them? I do not want store credit, and I do not feel like I can trust this business to deliver what I purchase, or that they are on top of their purchases, or that what I purchase is actually in stock. Disappointed that my Christmas gift that I ordered with plenty of time to spare was never delivered or even in stock in the first place.

Isabella M.

Love this headache relief roller! I was a little skeptical of the idea but had been wanting to try a headache relief roller for a while now. This one smells great and works even better!

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