Kakadu Plum Hydrosol


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Toning is a huge part of keeping skin firm, moisturized, and healthy, but only a handful of people incorporate it in their skincare routine. Toner resets the skin's balance after washing and should be used everyday before moisturizing or masking, after cleansing. This rich toner from Marla Rene contains powerhouse ingredients to recharge the skin’s natural healing abilities to promote a healthier, more radiant glow.

  • Kakadu Plum Extract: Sourced from the kakadu plum fruit in the Northern Territory of Australia, it has the highest known vitamin C concentration of any single natural food source in the world - giving skin a powerful protective barrier against environmental pollutants.
  • Turmeric Extract: Known to help keep skin soft and smooth, enhances its appearance, and reduces dark spots and hyperpigmentation. It's also a great detoxifier.
  • Hibiscus Extract: Helps improve skin elasticity with high levels of vitamin C with antioxidant properties required for collagen production. It also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Customer Reviews

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Sib (Atlanta, US)
Great toner

This has made such a difference in my skin. It feels refreshing and moisturizing.

Deidre Marshall

It refreshes my skin and does not dry it out. It is the best toner that I have found.

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