Organic Lubricant Strawberry

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The Organic Strawberry Lubricant offers a remedy for moments of dryness, enveloping you in a delightful embrace of natural water-based goodness free from any bothersome additives or fragrances and infused with the alluring essence of strawberries . Experience the kind of sensation that ignites excitement and cultivates confidence both behind closed doors and in your everyday life. The strawberry flavor is a testament to the pure and unadulterated essence of this delectable fruit, thoughtfully curated to provide an unparalleled, non-sweet, and non-sticky adventure that amplifies your pursuit of pleasure.

Agave Extract- Provides natural hydration and soothes vaginal dryness

Chamomile- Offers antioxidant protection to maintain vaginal health

Rosemary- Contributes to a balanced vaginal environment by its antimicrobial properties.

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