Overnight Herbal Pads with Wings


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Overnight period protection is yours with The Honey Pot Co. Combining the power of botanicals with super-absorbent technology, these herbal-infused, cooling winged pads create overnight menstrual protection that is truly revolutionary. It’s high time to start having happy periods with products that don’t throw your body out of balance. These highly-absorbent, overnight pads are infused with rose, lavender, aloe, and mint essential oils to help reduce odor, relieve cramping, and protect from annoying leakages.

  • Rose Oil: Rose essential oil has excellent emollient properties that moisturize dry skin.
  • Lavender Oil: The superpowers of this calming flower include its ability to help promote relaxation and neutralizes odors.
  • Aloe Oil: Natural hormones—auxin and gibberellins—of aloe vera juice calm and soothe skin irritation.

Customer Reviews

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Roconda P.


Demi J.

Absolutely wonderful! Would highly recommend!

Betty Boop

im glad to purchase from a black-owned business and honey pot company {hpc} was my first order with BLK+GRN. hp pro is the herbal-infused pads initially feel like when you pop a mint {pun-intended} in your mouth and you can feel that initial burst of freshness and the fresh feel lingers even when changing pads and when i woke up for daily hygiene care i could still feel the freshness and like that BUT ...

the con my flow is like an ocean and need the hpc to make super💧💧💧 and overnight💧💧💧💧 pads thicker and longer but i will continue to buy if no other reason that the pads are made herbal-infused plus imma fan of aloe and lavender and the outer packaging and the individual pad wrapper was hard to open ... the glue is def stuck and had to kinda fight to get it opened

also purchased hpc normal foaming wash and the sensitive wipes from Walmart a while ago {prior to BLK+GRN purchase} and like the foam BUT not the product smell so i probably won’t buy this item again; the wipes are ok and would probably purchase again not sure

that’s my two cents worth!

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