Refres(Her) Body Mist

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This Cool and Calming Refres(Her) Body Mist is designed to be your companion in every setting – whether you're seeking revitalization at home, on the go, or anywhere your journey takes you. Invigorate your senses from dawn to dusk with a balanced trio of scents: the fresh notes of peppermint, the calming essence of lavender, and the uplifting aroma of white grapefruit.

Infused with essential oils and mineral salts, this blend goes beyond mere fragrance. It actively combats odor-causing bacteria, ensuring you emerge not only refreshed but also radiating confidence. Elevate your wellbeing, embolden your spirits, and embark on each day with a renewed sense of vitality – because you deserve to feel impeccably fresh, phenomenally alive, and truly thriving.

Aloe vera juice- Known for its soothing properties and helps maintain skin hydration

Mineral Salt- Acts as a natural deodorizer by inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria, ensuring long-lasting freshness

Lavender- Adds a delightful aroma that can promote relaxation and rejuvenation.

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