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Article: 10 Ways To Love In The Right Direction


10 Ways To Love In The Right Direction

By: Jameka Grant

We have all heard it before. The fact that love requires a lot of forgiveness, it’s true. But that doesn’t mean that true love isn't real - those Divine Unions that acquire nurturing many moments at a time. Here are some helpful tips that will help bring attunement and positive inspiration to your union.

1. Create a vision board

Discover the true desires and aspirations of your partner's soul by creating vision boards together on Pinterest. While being in a relationship, it is important that you and your partner have some similar desires and values. Therefore, understanding what dreams you both have make supporting each other achieve them fun and possible.

2. Put your phone down

In this day and age, we are addicted to social media. Show your partner some undivided attention by putting down your phone and tuning into their news feed. It is in this space where you can ask deep questions, discover cool traits, and allow room for true intimacy with your partner.

3. Create and recite vows

Even if you are not married, you and your partner can create vows to recite (for example - respect and honor). This will display that the relationship matters and will allow you to hold each other accountable for staying honest and in the heart. If vows are sentimental to you and you wish you save them til’ the day you marry, how about writing your lover a poem or a letter letting him or her know how much you cherish the love between the two of you.

4. Talk about your health

Having open and honest conversations with your partner are important for long lasting relationships. Take time to have conversations with your partner about your sexual health status. Even taking a “date” to the sexual health clinic is one way to show your partner you care for their well-being as much as your own.

5. Empire state of mind

Sometimes it takes being broke to become inspired and creative. Begin to brainstorm how to display your creative gifts to your lover. Become inspired to support each other creatively and converse over tea what your side hustle will be as a collective and individual.

6. Nature walks

What is more blissful than a nature walk and deep conversations under the cosmos with the one that appreciates you most. This not only allows you to spend time together, but it promotes wellness and provides an opportunity to be active with your partner.

8. Flirt and add in romance

Many times, we get comfortable with our partners early on and forget to keep that same spice that made you both enticing. Remember to bring forth some flavor and sexiness; let your hair down and unleash the exotic, fun, playful, sensual side of you from time to time. This will create joyous memories you and your partner will cherish. As well as bring excitement and comfort knowing that he/she can live out their fantasies. And don’t forget the lube.

9. Schedule time to play

“Somewhere between childhood and adulthood we stopped playing.”

The University of Wisconsin Health released a recent article on play and adulthood as it relates to health and wellness. According to a University of Wisconsin Health psychologist, “while play may seem frivolous - or even possibly silly - when we’re adults, it is actually vital to our well-being. Play helps relieve stress, boosts creativity, improves our mood and outlook and keeps our mind sharp.” Additionally, playing together can help build trust, rekindle relationships and foster greater intimacy, and help people move past disagreements and frustrations. “This time together can strengthen your connection and help both of your physical, emotional and mental health.”

10. Cuddle

Everyone loves a great cuddle. It reduces stress, anxiety as well as strengthens bonds between lovers. To set the mood, light a candle, pour some vino and put some smooth jazz on replay.

*And most importantly allow space for your lover to heal. That is the greatest love of all.

Live life. On purpose. With Love.