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Article: A Woman’s Time with the Moon


A Woman’s Time with the Moon

Did you know that there's a way to avoid fearing or loathing your time of the month? The key is through understanding the four goddess phases that are evoked in our psyche by the phases of the moon.


Now if you are menopausal, please don't skip this blog post thinking the insight will not apply to you. Women still sync energetically with the moon phases even though menstruation ceases. In fact, this is when your feminine power is at its strongest!


Some of us are not aware that the Moon’s gravitational force affects the rise and fall of the ocean tides on earth. The average human body consists of 65% water and the element of water is responsible for our emotions. This is when we are collectively experiencing a “high tide” of emotions. It is important that women understand their own personal connection to the lunar phases when they are menstruating. Don’t feel ashamed that you feel overwhelmed or irrational. An increasing amount of women are reclaiming this cyclic awareness and are feeling more empowered because of that.


These are some practical tips to help you develop your connection to the moon phases:

  1. Reflect regularly on your day-to-day experiences to develop insight and wisdom.
  2. Nurture yourself and others equally. Remember, you cannot pour from an empty cup!
  3. Create a sense of belonging through inclusive community-centered initiatives.
  4. Act on your intuitive guidance aka your gut instincts.
  5. Honour your sensitivity instead of suppressing it.
  6. Recognize your changing needs in accordance with your menstrual cycle.
  7. Surround yourself with friends who are capable of giving mutual emotional support.


Have you ever wondered why women fluctuate so frequently? From our weight, to all the moods we pass through in any given week, we have greater highs and lows than our male counterparts. Why is this? It's because the moon phases govern the feminine psyche and hormonal cycle, and the moon fluctuates a lot more than the Sun.


For example, the moon changes astrological signs every two and a half days, whereas the sun changes signs once a month. The moon has four main phases within a 28-day cycle, whereas the sun experiences equivalent phases within a 365 day solar year. So while for us as women it can be personally challenging to experience so much change, it is an opportunity to accelerate our cycle of emotional growth.


How do we do this? By consciously seeking to understand how the moon phases and passage through the zodiac signs are affecting us. For example, as the moon moves from one sign to the next, we feel the influence of each sign, regardless of our personal horoscope. When the moon waxes and wanes through its four main phases, this also influences us. Simply by being aware of the moon phases, we can apply their lessons and experience less emotional drama.


Here's a brief overview of the four main moon phases and their goddess phases:


New Moon: the Crone - she who sees everything (menstruation)

During this moon phase we are likely to feel tired, internally focused and vulnerable. Our

psychic senses are amplified - ideal for meditation and conscious manifesting. It is also when

the majority of women menstruate. The Crone helps refine our power by taking our awareness deep within for intuitive insight.


First Quarter Moon: the Maiden - she who feels the return of hope and inspiration (pre-


One week after the New Moon. We are likely to take risks, have more energy to exercise and feel more social. It’s a great time to put ourselves ‘out there’ by sharing ideas or launching new

products. A time of doing, rather than reflecting. The Maiden gives us an aura of

lightheartedness and the belief to pursue our dreams.


Full Moon: the Mother - she who is full of the milk of human kindness (ovulation)

The third week of the lunar month. We often experience the height of either our conscious intent or the unconscious expectations that we seeded during the New Moon. Emotions may be running high and it can be a challenge to stay energetically grounded. A perfect time to celebrate life with a party or shared meal. The Mother helps us nurture ourselves and encourage others to fulfill their potential.


Last Quarter Moon: the Enchantress - she who is sovereign, mature and responsible for her

harvest in life (post-ovulation) The final week of the lunar cycle. We tend to feel increasingly

inward and contemplative as the feminine light diminishes. Conserve your energy as much as

possible during this week. It’s an ideal time to have some early nights, catch up on journaling,

reading and quality solitude. The Enchantress helps us apply our life lessons to ensure our

choices reflect our core values.


Now I must admit, my menstrual cycle did not always sync with the moon phases. This took time and dedication to learning and understanding my body. The key is to go with your flow. Perhaps your cycle begins during the full moon instead of the new moon; that is okay. With this knowledge, you know what to expect from your body and your emotions and you can cultivate a space for your body to thrive during this time of the month. It can look like creating a ritual, for example Yoni steaming with Organic Yoni Steam Herbal Blend by URBAN SERENITE either before or after menstruation, a session or two of meditative yoga after rubbing down with HER POPPY's Cramp Relieving Mood Balancing Body Oil, or a relaxing moment with GOLDEN FLOURISH's Moon Herbal Organic Tea. Turn your time of the month into a day or moments of treating your mind, body and spirit.

I'm Khadijah J. and thank you for reading. For more womb wellness, and self care content, follow me at @goddessquarters on Instagram. Visit my Goddess Quarters website to learn more about understanding what your body is saying to you.