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Article: Christina of Blue Sage Eco Boutique


Christina of Blue Sage Eco Boutique

This week, we're talking to Christina Arenas of Blue Sage Eco Boutique whose passion for education turned into an eco-friendly business where she is spreading the benefits of self-care through earth-friendly and well-made products.

BLK+GRN: Who are you and why do you do what you do?

CHRISTINA: My name is Christina Arenas, a Tampa native who promotes personal growth, peace, and prosperity through Blue Sage Eco Boutique founded in 2013. My products feature all-natural, hand-poured soy candles made with Essential oils, premium fragrance oils, and a touch of magic! I'm dedicated to sharing my vision for earth-friendly, sustainable connections across communities. BLKGRN: What was your "Aha Moment" and when did your vision start to manifest? CHRISTINA: The idea of Blue Sage Eco Boutique began in 2001 however it did not manifest until 2013. I used to work for a major natural skin care manufacturer as their education coordinator and I would travel nationally giving educational product and ingredients presentations to sales reps, retailers and consumers. During that time I realized there was a huge gap between “environmentally conscious” consumers and your everyday consumer because most people assume that if it’s organic or natural that it is either, expensive or not as effective as conventional products. I began creating natural alternatives that were affordable and educated consumers about products that they willingly purchased for their homes and bodies. I believe that what we put on our bodies or light in our homes is just as important as what we feed our bodies. It is all connected.

BLK+GRN: Why do you think it is important to Buy Black?

CHRISTINA: Oh goodness, for so many reasons. It’s important to circulate the black dollar. I also believe that it enriches the community to be able to provide for itself.

BLK+GRN: How is your brand green? CHRISTINA: We are green in many, many ways! We use soy wax (vegetable wax) which is sustainable. We use premium phthalate free fragrance oils + essential oils in my candles We use recycled glass when possible. We offer a recycling program for local consumers to recycle their jars so I can reuse them or at least clean and recycle. We ship by reusing packing materials or recycled packing materials We compost and offer composting services at our location. We source new jars from a local manufacturer to reduce our environmental footprint

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