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Article: Drink Your Way To Better Skin

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Drink Your Way To Better Skin

By: Shawna Davis

In previous years, whenever I’d have a skin issue that seemed to stick around longer than expected, I’d try any spot treatment or chemical-infused cleanser to quickly get rid of the situation and unfortunately, those treatments sometimes made the condition worse. And if I had an important event to attend, I’d desperately try my best to cover my skin breakouts with makeup. It was rare that I actually researched why my skin was experiencing these breakouts until I got tired of spending money on covering the issue. However, now that I’m older, whenever I experience a random breakout, I’m more likely to seek a holistic alternative that can give me the long term results that I want, which usually involves addressing the situation from within.

I like to apply the saying “what you put in, is what you get back” across my entire life, and it’s no exception when it comes to my skin. Of course good skincare products can go a long way, but it’s just as important to be mindful of what you’re feeding yourself. It’s no coincidence that when you’re eating well, working out and hydrating yourself with tons of water, you not only feel good, but your healthy results are typically reflected in your skin’s appearance.

So if your skin has been looking a little dull lately, here are two powerful ingredients and two recipes that will hit you with the amazing trifecta of being tasty, healthy and helping your skin glow from within.


By now you may already be familiar with the powerful benefits of this trendy spice, but just in case you need a little refresher on why turmeric receives so much praise, I got you. Turmeric is an Ayurvedic root typically used as a coloring and flavoring agent and has been traditionally used in cuisines and plant medicine in India. However, thanks to its biological properties and lack of toxicity, turmeric has been widely explored in other areas and was discovered to have exceptional skin and health benefits.

In addition to protecting the skin against skin diseases such as psoriasis, skin cancer and scleroderma, turmeric has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can aid in fighting free radicals, healing wounds and increasing collagen production. If that’s not enough, the golden powder also helps the liver detoxify the body and is rich in curcumin, a natural ingredient that promotes the brightening and healing of the skin.

How to add turmeric to your daily routine?

Recipe #1: For The Person Who Enjoys A Morning Smoothie

I love smoothies and this one is no exception. It’s made with delicious, healthy ingredients that’s rather simple to make and enjoyable anytime (but especially during the hot, summer season).


1/2 frozen banana

1 to 2 tsp of GOLDE Turmeric Wellness Powder

1 cup of almond or coconut milk

1/2 cup of ice (optional)

Throw all the ingredients into your blender and blend until smooth. I like to drink this first thing in the morning, although it can be enjoyed anytime throughout the day.


This bright-green powder comes from the whole leaf of the shade-grown tea plant, Camellia sinesis, and much like turmeric, this green tea’s nutrient and antioxidant content is very impressive. The polyphenolic compounds in matcha, not only boost anti-inflammatory and anti carcinogenic properties, but these compounds also provide protection against heart disease, diabetes, cancer, blood pressure reduction and blood sugar regulation. Matcha green tea is high in catechins, called Epigallocatechen gallate (EGCG), helps reactive dying skin cells and is considered to be a fountain of youth for skin cells. Additionally, this study explains how EGCG fights against free radicals, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, increases skin hydration and helps your skin retain moisture.

How to add matcha to your daily routine?

Recipe #2: For The Person Who Prefers A Cup Of Coffee In The Morning

Because of matcha’s high caffeine content, it can be used as a replacement for coffee or you can simply pair it with your favorite morning cup of coffee, latte or tea.


1/2 cup of boiling hot water, almond or coconut milk

1 to 2 tsp of GOLDE Matcha and Turmeric Powder

A few drops of Stevia or honey to sweeten (optional)

The easiest way to prepare this drink is to place all ingredients in a high-speed blender and blend until smooth and frothy. If you’d rather opt out of using a blender, put your GOLDE powder in a mug, add your hot liquid on top of the powder and whisk until smooth and clump-free. Add your sweetener of choice and allow your drink to cool down before enjoying. Again, this can be enjoyed anytime throughout the day, but because matcha is naturally caffeinated, it’s best to enjoy this in the morning before starting your day.

Do you use match and turmeric powder? Tell us how in the comments below?