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Article: Farewell To Summer (The ReUp Daytreat - September 8, 2019)

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Farewell To Summer (The ReUp Daytreat - September 8, 2019)

As summer comes to an end we want to bid it a proper farewell in a relaxed state of mind. With busier seasons ahead of us, it’s essential that we take the time to ReUp!

As women, we are constantly pulled in multiple directions. These forces can be from our families, jobs or other's needs. While we pour our energy into these entities we often neglect our own needs. The ReUp is a day of self-reflection, self-care and self-love.

The ReUp Daytreat is a highly curated, fun infused experience for individuals to reflect, refocus and recommit to their purpose. The Daytreat offers an innovative space for individuals to reset. Each ReUp incorporates research based strategies such as meditation and journaling, kick butt instructors who are well established within the mental and physical health industry and fun infused elements such as games and a party to create a space conducive to reset.

Here’s What You Can Look Forward To…

Research Based Strategies

  • Our strategies are grounded in research proven to be effective.
  • Participants are given the space to reflect, engage in group activities and create SMART goals towards their reset.

Kick Butt Instructors

  • The best part of this experience is that participants get access to some of the best instructors in the mental health and wellness industry.
  • No ReUp experience is the same. Each instructor brings their personal flair to the event, making it truly unique.
  • Past instructors include Shelah Marie of @curvycurlyconscious and Omikunle Ekundayo of @omikunlewa.

Fun Infused Elements

  • The ReUp ends with a day party where participants can get a massage, have their nails done, play games, dance to the DJ's beats, or simply sit back and enjoy the ambience.
  • Participants walk away feeling truly transformed as all aspects of their well-being has been tended to.

The ReUp is truly an experience that everyone needs to indulge. You are guaranteed to leave feeling refreshed, realigned and rejuvenated.

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