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Article: Erika of pH7 Natural Skincare


Erika of pH7 Natural Skincare

This week, we're talking to Erika Weaver, Ph.D., who after pursuing an interest in the effects of chemicals on our bodies through her experience as a toxicologist, created an affordable, natural, toxin-free skincare brand for all skin types. Learn more about one of the newest brands to join the BLK +GRN Artisan family, below!

BLK + GRN: Introduce yourself & why you do what you do. ERIKA: My name is Erika Weaver, Ph.D. Founder of pH7 Natural Skincare. I launched pH 7 Natural Skincare November 2017. pH 7 Natural Skincare was launched to promote an affordable, natural, toxin-free skincare brand for all skin types. Everyone deserves to appreciate his or her natural skin. Starting a skincare brand involves using and creating things that I have learned throughout my science experience and I want to share those rejuvenating experiences to enlighten others interest in natural-clean beauty. BLK + GRN: Describe the inception of your brand. When did your vision start to manifest? ERIKA: As a toxicologist, I study and research the effects of chemicals and how they could affect our everyday lifestyles and environment. My vision started to manifest while researching the importance of lifestyle. Society is becoming aware of food consumption but we tend to forget the importance of what we put on our bodies. My mission is promoting a skincare brand that provides natural, toxin-free products. With my education and passion for beauty, I hope to become an asset for the new innovative natural, organic beauty industry.

BLK + GRN: How is your brand green? Why was this important to you? ERIKA: pH 7 Natural Skincare is a new brand trying to promote fresh, clean and simple steps to natural skin. We focus on naturally derived ingredients and formulations
  • no artificial preservatives
  • no artificial fragrances/ aromas
  • no synthetic ingredients
  • cruelty and vegan free
It is important to embrace natural skincare with adequate education as to what it is and what it consists of. Natural, clean refreshing skin is a lifestyle. Enhancing awareness and education about natural skincare can help improve the industry. BLK + GRN: Why do you think it is important to buy Black? ERIKA: It is important to buy black because you are able to find products formulated to meet common needs for an African American. It takes a village to develop a strong foundation, teaching the black community the importance of skincare, natural skincare will motivate and support black products, brands, and entrepreneurs.

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