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Article: An All-Natural Nighttime Routine

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An All-Natural Nighttime Routine

When choosing a skincare routine, or figuring out what brands to use in the shower or bath, it’s important to consider multiple factors. From quality to production, ethics of the brand to the ingredients and formula, finding out if your skincare and body products are non-toxic requires a bit of attention to detail and research. Some brands are open and transparent about their ingredients and production while others leave the work up to the consumer.

Since all brands in the BLK + GRN marketplace have been quality-tested to ensure that they’re non-toxic before they even make it onto the platform, you can rest assured that the brands you browse carry products that are safe and made with natural ingredients. BLK + GRN artisans provide you with the best plant-based and cruelty-free products that Mother Nature has to offer, with the added bonus of being made my Black women entrepreneurs. One brand in particular, hunnybunny, boasts countless products that are perfect for your everyday use.

From masks to luscious creams, hunnybunny is a great place to look for all-natural products that are made mostly with ingredients you can find right in the kitchen or your backyard! Keep in mind, though, that each product may look a bit different because each item sold is made by hand and not a machine! Extra love and care for each thing you buy, guaranteed!

Photo via BLK + GRN

If you’re looking for an all-natural, aromatic nighttime routine that leaves your skin feeling soft and smelling great, hunnybunny may be the best one-stop shop for your skincare needs. From the Handmade Soap to the Grapefruit Sugar Scrub to the Simply Shea Body Butter, each product is handmade with the highest quality ingredients and doesn’t hit the shelves until they pass the “owner’s challenge”: safe and great enough for the owner’s Nya and Zuri, the young owners of the brand who want to make sure their family would use it before it’s used by your own.

While the brand provides countless products the entire family will love, right now the focus is on some favorites that are perfect for your nighttime routine and even safe enough for those of us with sensitive skin.

Steps for a Non-toxic Nighttime Routine

Step One: Handmade Soap

Photo via BLK + GRN

With no added fragrances, this luxurious and soothing Handmade Soap will envelop you in the natural aroma of grapes and dark berries (if you go for the Pinot Noir, but there are multiple scents available in the marketplace). It’s main ingredients are coconut oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, and olive oil that all unite to ensure that moisture is locked in while also offering an antioxidant-rich lather from the fermented grapes in the recipe. It feels great and is the perfect primer for the exfoliating next step! Not only does it moisturize and soften skin, it doesn’t leave you feeling greasy.

Step Two: Grapefruit Sugar Scrub

Glowing and soft skin is on the horizon when you treat yourself to this incredible body scrub. It smells so delicious you may be tempted to eat it but, don’t worry, your skin will reap all of the benefits of this non-toxic blend of sugar, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, honey, grapefruit essential oil, vitamin E, and rose clay.

Photo via Hunnybunny Boutique

The sugar acts to exfoliate away dead skin, revealing the healthy and fresh layers below the surface. The rose clay and grapefruit essential oil team up to cleanse and improve your skin’s circulation. Honey is naturally antibacterial and helps prevent aging of the skin while working with the sweet almond oil to smooth and heal chapped skin. Once you wash away the scrub, your skin feels soft to the touch for hours after and preps your body for the upcoming, luxurious treat.

Step Three: Simply Shea Body Butter

This body butter is so moisturizing that you’ll wake up still feeling as soft as when you first applied it. The butter and oils work together to soften dry skin, repair cracks, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and naturally heal dry skin. This cream also does wonders for dry, chapped lips and works as a great moisturizer to carry in your bag for body and face. It smells delectable and a little bit goes a long way with this cream! After your bath or shower, using the body bar and scrub, this body butter is the perfect finale for the hunnybunny trifecta of a nighttime routine!

Photo via BLK + GRN

You can’t go wrong with high-quality, all-natural ingredients that blend together for great feeling and smelling products that are truly made with love. With so many products to choose from, it’s certainly hard to narrow down favorites, but this nighttime routine will start you off on the right track!

Which hunnybunny products are your favorite?