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Article: How Self Care Boosts Productivity


How Self Care Boosts Productivity

Do you feel like you're busier than ever? You're exhausted, just can't get ahead of your to-do list, and you're feeling more and more unproductive by the day? Well sis, that's burn-out.

In the fast-paced world we live in, society is constantly urging us to strive for quicker and more success. It can be hard to not adapt (or feel pressured) to fit in so you don't feel like a failure. And if you struggle with anxiety, feeling unproductive can trigger low self-esteem and self-doubt.

Even in our free time, the convenience of streaming movies, scrolling through social media, and even ordering from Amazon hard-wires our brains to expect instant satisfaction. In fact, Jason Gleick of The New York Times said, "Instantaneity rules, on the screen and on the networks as in our daily lives: instant replay, instant coffee, instant intimacy, instant gratification...".

So if you've been killing yourself to "feel productive", but in reality when you're drowning in stress, you're in dire need of self care! Because reaching a point when your mind is too restless to get anything done, you're probably not doing your productivity any favors.

But believe it or not, you can learn how to curb your response to feeling rushed and channel it into productive energy. Here's how self care can actually boost your productivity!

How Self Care Boosts Productivity

More Quality Work

Those intuitive self care habits you've cultivated for yourself? Use them!

You've found the ways that work to combat your stress and negative thoughts, so make sure you routinely schedule time to fit them in your daily routine. This way you are approaching your work in the right headspace.

When you've taken time to recharge mentally, emotionally, and physically, it's easier to get your mind focused and get down to business. You'll find that you're more alert and less distracted by your thoughts.

And because you're able to be more dialed in, you can catch mistakes and have the stamina to see your best work through.

Better Understanding

Knowing what self care habits work for you is a skill, sis. It also means that you're in tune with what you need to function at your best and most authentic.

Even taking time to sleep on it is an act of self care, and can help you brainstorm new ideas and gain more perspective.

An example of self care if you’re a chronic analyzer, is taking the active steps to be more organized and stick to a plan to manage your anxiety. Because you know that when you feel more confident in your abilities, you can give a co-worker better feedback and insight on a project.

You can craft a better hook sentence for your readers. You can follow that hair tutorial. No matter how small, practicing your own personal self care helps you follow through without apology.

Saves Time

For a professional athlete, it's crucial to be well hydrated, fed, and operating on a solid night's sleep to be able to perform at their peak level.

For the rest of us, it's no different! Even just making sure that your basic needs are taken care of makes you more efficient, which saves you time overall.

So imagine when you add in your own self care routine! Regularly maintaining your mental, emotional and physical energy means less time having to recover from burnout and stress. Sometimes a you need to Create At Home Spa.

And when you're not re-reading the same line over and over again after a late night, or struggling to understand something you've already mastered last week, your work feels like less of a task. Period.

Stimulates Creativity

Taking time to slow down and self care helps you become more present with what's around you. Do you get some of your best ideas in the shower? There's a science to this!

Calming activities like meditation, reading, puzzles, and even a bubble bath stimulate the less analytical side of the brain, for a much needed mental break. Simultaneously, this is when brainstorming comes easiest!

Tip: Try a refreshing room spray with cedarwood and jasmine essential oils to naturally calm your nerves.

Whether it's a work presentation or your own goals, embrace the rush of imagination, but then take time later to sort out your ideas.

In the end, you're more likely to avoid rushed mistakes and even worse, go against your instincts.

Crushes Self-Doubt

"Self worth comes from honoring your journey as you strive toward your goals. It comes from being in the muck and feeling the presence of others while you sort your way through it. It comes from stepping into the maze, not knowing what you’re doing, and discovering avenues you never knew existed and new and creative aspects of yourself you weren’t aware of." - Danielle Benvenuto, Psycho-therapist and expert in mindfulness

When you've gone too long without a break, do you feel more anxious, stressed, and indecisive? Not feeling solid in yourself and in your work can create a breeding ground for negative thoughts and bad habits.

And when you're not feeling confident and self-assured, it's easier to cave into pressures and sacrifice your emotional needs and self care.

But by making time to make your self-care a priority, you keep a promise to yourself to honor your needs. You can only do your best when you're feeling your best!

So if you find yourself tired, under pressure, and running out of steam, remember what you're sacrificing by living your life at full speed.

Make self care a part of your daily routine so you can boost your productivity, crush you self-doubt, stimulate creativity, and save time!

What self care routine makes you feel the most productive?

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