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Article: Journey Towards A Natural Nest

Journey Towards A Natural Nest

By: Jesi Taylor Cruz

A single action can ripple into a wave of movement so when it comes to a toxic-free lifestyle, consider every step in the right direction a blessing and an opportunity. A blessing because you’ve actively made a change to improve your overall quality of life and an opportunity because you’ve given yourself an example to mimic on your continued path towards wellness.

While there are countless ways to transition to a toxic free lifestyle, and many places to start that transition, it’s important to consider evaluating the space you call home. From your bedroom to your kitchen, and all of the spaces in-between, there are opportunities to rid your space of chemicals and toxins you may not have known were lingering in the air and on your surfaces.

Just because hype and aesthetic often unite to create the perfect recipe for attracting a consumer, doesn’t mean you’re also being sold safety or quality. Thankfully, there are helpful resources available that can not only help you make the switch to products that are less harmful to your home environment, but can also educate you on the important reasons why you ought to make the switch to begin with.

The Dirt On Natural Cleaning Products

In the same way that it’s comforting to know where, with what, and by whom your food is prepared, it’s also comforting to know more about the sources of your cleaning products. A great place to start is with The Green Laundress, whose “mission is to educate consumers about the importance of using cleaning products that are good for the environment and their health.” Black-owned and eco-friendly, The Green Laundress offers a range of products that will leave the varied surfaces of your home shining, clean, and safe for even the tiniest hands.

After struggling to find products that didn’t harm her daughter’s sensitive skin Erica Ahmed, the owner of The Green Laundress, began experimenting with different blends in order to create a line of cleaning products that were good for both her daughter and the planet.

Photo via BLK + GRN

The Green Laundress All-Natural Gentle Laundry Soap is great if you want your laundry to smell clean and fresh but you also want to keep toxic chemicals from being absorbed into the fibers of your clothes and linens. Your skin, the body’s largest organ, absorbs what it comes in contact with so it’s important to be mindful of what you’re being exposed to.

The most common brands of cleaning products are filled with harsh chemicals that are absorbed into your clothes and are released into the air making your skin and lungs targets for toxicity. The Laundry Soap is free of harsh chemicals, is incredibly concentrated (so less is more), and is great for sensitive skin! Each bag is good for approximately 35 loads!

It Can Be Easy Being Green

Whether you’re wiping down your changing table, cleaning the counters after preparing a meal, or taking a cleaning wipe to your living room surfaces, The Green Laundress Multi-Purpose Spray is a safe alternative to your traditional cleaning products. The Multi-Purpose Spray will leave your home smelling incredible and with no hidden, dangerous chemicals! The spray is great for cleaning counter tops + tile, coffee stained mugs, mirrors, yoga mats, baby toys, makeup brushes, and more!

Photo via Jesi Taylor Cruz

While you’re doing your spring cleaning, grab The Green Laundress Tub Scrub and get into all the nooks and crannies of your bathtub or shower with this concentrated formula. As an added bonus, this scrub can be used to clean your oven and dishes, too! As far as cleaning products go, The Green Laundress is a one-stop shop for all things related to toxic-free tidying!

The Green Laundress - Tub Scrub
Photo via BLK + GRN

It’s never been easier to say “Good Night” to toxic consumerism, and with BLK + GRN you can access to countless brands to make your journey towards a natural nest that much more simple! In addition to supporting eco-friendly, non-toxic brands, you’re also supporting Black businesses which adds another ripple to the wave of your toxic-free lifestyle! The Green Laundress products smell amazing and get the job done without negatively impacting your home environment with harsh chemicals and residual toxins.

For Us, By Us

As a mom of a four month old, I can understand Erica’s unwavering desire to commit to natural products for the sake of her daughter’s needs. But as a conscious consumer, like you, I understand even more her interest in making sure her home environment is free of toxicity and clean for the sake of her own health and wellness!

Making the transition to natural cleaning products was easy for me thanks to The Green Laundress.

What are some of your favorite natural products for spring cleaning in your home?