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Article: Reap All Your Blessings In 2020: Let's Explore Ways To Stay In The Bag


Reap All Your Blessings In 2020: Let's Explore Ways To Stay In The Bag

By: Jameka Grant

2019 taught us who we are, 100% THAT B****! Beings that actually have the abilities to co-create how we’ll experience this life. It was pretty clear in 2019 that we had to do the work, undo the spells, and learn to see what makes us unique and worthy to be praised.

We freed ourselves from traumatic bonds to let grief and solitude give magnitude to the blueprint which lie in the gifts given. We wrote out our plans because in order to manifest money through nature's law, it's in our intention, in wellness, it's in tribe. And we learned resilience as we pushed through feelings to show up as our future selves although imposter syndrome was running rampant in our minds and felt on a cellular level.

How come no one told us of how uncomfortable it is getting comfortable with claiming a seat at the table - transitioning into your most authentic self, allowing the spirit to lead us and leading like a boss. Like Buju Banton told us, 'it’s not an easy road.' We’re living in limbo in the Age of Aquarius and Age of Anxiety. But we know there is this energetic flow that's calling for us to invest and advocate for ourselves. A mantra that reads, you are the ministry all by yourself, so get gassy, set boundaries, and take breaks, here's a few mindful tools you can use to ground your being so you can stay steady slaying while standing in your resilience.

Age of Aquarius in limbo

Know that the anxiety you feel as you make your way to secure the bag are thought limiting beliefs leaving your life. You’ve been programmed for a long time to doubt your talents, thoughts, arts, and direction. But now that you're choosing to stand in your power, your surroundings are different. In time, you'll be able to appreciate these new surroundings by showing gratitude to the present day and for showing up for yourself to co-create. Imposture syndrome is real and hits hard when we're getting ready to stand in our power, step outside comfort zones, set healthy boundaries for ourselves or have a tough conversation that will lead us down a path where we feel more empowered.

Know that just because its challenging doesn't mean its not in alignment with your journey. What it actually is, is you pushing through your self-doubt and limiting beliefs to claim self-worth. Know that you're on the right track and the overwhelming feelings will leave and you will start feeling like the person you're destined to be.

Health equates to wealth

Have you ever been so focused on mastering your craft and doing the work that you forget to eat? It happens to me all the time. I forget to eat and drink and then end up with a migraine at the end of the day and unable to awaken strong the next day. Don’t let this be you. Take time to nourish your body and hydrate your soul. Water first thing in the morning will hydrate you; followed by a nutrient dense green smoothie to keep you nourished throughout your morning. You'll notice increased focus, creativity, and energy during your stride if you take moments to give yourself the fuel it needs to thrive. Take the time to learn about nutrition, specifically holistic nutrition. Make sure you're keeping "real" food on the home cooked dinner menu. Ayurveda makes a lot of sense. All in all, Health is wealth! If we aren't healthy, how are we supposed to enjoy being wealthy?

Community over competition

Stillness does speak and there's a certain thing about solitude one must partake in to get in touch with the gift given to their soul. Solitude allows a time for honesty, healing and transformation. When we sit with ourselves, we're given the blueprint that shows us which gifts we must magnify in order co-create with the universe of life. It takes honesty and courage to step out of unhealthy and negative mentalities, which lie in our comfort zone. Gift yourself the permission to take off the super Black woman complex cape so you can receive the support you give to others.

Learning to allow the support of community, including spiritual, mental and financial mentor(s), will help you immensely on your journey. Trusting that you don't have to carry all the loads by yourself will bring you ease. Ask for help, guidance, and support when you need it. Collaborate with people that inspire you and ones that can help you build your empire. Don't be afraid to advocate for yourself this year. By letting others know who you are and what your goals are, will give you more opportunities to meet your business soulmate(s). Make intentional relationships, ones with a healthy balance of give and take, appreciation, gratitude and grace.

Celebrate your wins

When you check-in with yourself, you'll realize that you're actually living in your prime right now. Take it in. You're doing all you can to manifest your best life. That’s a big step forward from the stage of visualization, you're now in the process of co-creation; up next manifestation. BIG UP YOURSELF! Celebrate both your small and big wins. Take your beautiful self out for dinner or post up on an island for a solo retreat. You deserve to shower yourself with gifts and adventures that speak to your joy. Your friends won't always be around to give you praise or that high five, sometimes it'll just be you playing witness to your wins. That's ok though because you have your back. Celebrate your milestones even if it was as small as getting out of bed to show up to that business meeting. In 2020, we will be working hard to manifest our dreams and celebrating as we make our way to the bank.

Keep your mind on your mantra

We have no time for low-key haters and those vibrating out of scarcity. Daily, we have capitalism in our faces telling us a 9-5 is the way. That’s why it's so important to keep your mind on your mantra and your mantra on your mind. Make this world your playground and alchemize the experience you want. To do this, you’ll have to protect your peace of mind and your magic. This means you’ll have to distance yourself from those that do not believe in your dreams and instead project low self-esteem.

In 2020, we’re here to take up space. So shout your dreams out of the window so the universe hears and stick with people that believe your goals are possible. It’ll feel weird at first when you rid yourself of expired friendships, but know that it doesn't mean beef. Allowing yourself to grow in new friendships that speak to your present day will be the greatest gift you present to yourself this year. In 2020, we will be the center of the universe.

Keep in mind queens that the bag is here. All you have to do is make sure you're in it. I wish you all of your dreams.

Happy Holidays!