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Article: Keeping Your Pet Clean, Healthy, And Free Of Toxic Chemicals


Keeping Your Pet Clean, Healthy, And Free Of Toxic Chemicals

By: Trinity Slade

Alright, you’ve committed to your health and wellness. You’ve done the work it takes to ensure that your routines and habits serve your best interest. You’re a master at searching through an ingredient list. You keep a watchful eye on the products you use on yourself and in your space. What about your irreplaceable furry friend?

Let’s take the skills you’ve acquired throughout your wellness journey and apply them to the caregiving of your pet! After all, they have become family members to us and we treat them with just as much love and thought as our human family, so let’s talk about how to do the same when it comes to caregiving supplies.

Often, manufacturers produce pet care items containing a laundry list of nasty ingredients under the guise of pampering your pooch. Some general rules of thumb to use before buying products are as follows: always look through the ingredient list. The less ingredients the better. If the product contents rack your brain, you cannot pronounce the majority of the ingredients, etc. - don’t buy it!

Some harmful chemicals to look out for are propylene glycol, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, and formaldehyde to name a few. It may also be beneficial to your dog’s health to refrain from products containing fragrance, artificial colors, and mineral oil. As long as the product gets the job done, it does not need to be aesthetically pleasing and enticing to the owner at the dog’s expense. Now that we’ve discussed the no-no’s, let’s get into things you can and should do for your dog!

During the summer months, it is important to take extra care when treating our pets, especially dogs. Before going on daily walks, owners should walk barefoot on the ground to test the heat. If it is too hot for you, it is most certainly too hot for your pooch! Hot pavements can irritate and burn dogs’ paws. In the event of a dog becoming injured due to a dangerously hot ground, the owner should be sure to apply soothing creams to the paw of the dog.

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The Paw + Nose Balm by Barking Muse is a perfect, delicately-crafted treatment for dry, irritated, and cracked skin. It is also efficient in treating ailments such as hyperkeratosis (a condition in which the skin on the paw or nose thickens), hot spots, and bug bites. This product is made with all natural ingredients including, but not limited to, coconut oil, beeswax, sweet almond oil, and avocado oil. Therefore, if you furry friend licks off the product, it will do no harm. What a relief!

Cleanliness and hygiene are two of the most highly-regarded factors to dog owners. With this, it is important to keep a regular bathing routine for your pup. Be sure to use products with ingredients that are beneficial to dog health. If you wouldn’t use it on yourself, set that same standard for your pet. Try the Organic Moisturizing + Conditioning Pet Cleanser by Barking Muse to help keep your furry friend squeaky clean. Made with only natural ingredients, this cleanser will gently, yet diligently rid your dog of any dirt or muck. This wash is also complete with a sweet orange vanilla aroma to keep your pet smelling fresh! Rest assured that the ingredient list is comprised of nothing but the best botanical splendors.

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According to Ms. Xiannie Peynado, the creator of The Barking Muse, roughly 80% of all health issues in pets are related to exposure to standard toxin and chemical-laden products. With this, she decided that her products would be a safe, completely non-toxic, healthy, and Black-owned alternative. This line is delicately crafted all the way down to its biodegradable packaging. Feel confident in this purchase, dog owners! Ms. Peynado, is a thoughtful dog owner herself, so rest assured that plenty of firsthand experience was used in the creation and curation of her line.

Three cheer for a happy, healthy pup! Your furry friend will thank you for the switch you’ve made! Health is wealth for humans and animals alike. Congrats on taking this amazing step in the right direction for man’s best friend!

What non-toxic products do you use on your furry friend(s)? Tell us in the comments below.