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By: Naseemah Palmer, Owner of Vivid Belle, Lifestyle of the Active Beauty

There is plenty of evidence in the world of behavioral science that suggests the many mental and physical benefits to exercise such as boosting confidence, lessening anxiety, and increasing energy. The body tells a story about the feelings of human beings, so movement can serve as a natural way to regulate our emotions.

Can you think of a time when you went for a run, to a Zumba class or yoga session and felt the same way after that activity? In most cases, you leave with more clarity if you were confused or overwhelmed, and more optimistic if you were anxious or sad. These are all a range of emotions that one can experience on a daily basis, but we may only confront one or two.

Many black women will embrace the emotions that come with the “strong black woman” or “superwoman” title with merit, but will feel shame in being emotional, vulnerable, sad, or overwhelmed, often leaving those emotions to be suppressed and hidden. Emotions are meant to move, be expressed, and honored. That’s why the whole concept of “showing no emotion” can be damaging, because there is no way to actually do so without consequence. In reality, suppressed emotions control us, our interactions with others as well as ourselves, because the emotions are not really suppressed, they move to the subconscious mind.

All of our emotional info is stored here, and our subconscious mind plays a major role in our thinking, and we think and feel based on our emotions. Therefore, if we are experiencing unhealed feelings, we will continue to respond to the energy of our suppressed emotions. One of the best things we can do if we are not up to mental stimulation is to physically move. Our body specifically craves movement like it craves water. It will allow us to release emotions without talking. So the next time you are feeling “some type of way”, honor your emotions and your body by stretching, running, dancing, or walking yourself towards a renewed mind, body, and emotional health.

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