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Article: New New of New Secrets Tea

New New of New Secrets Tea

This week, we're talking to New New Norton of New Secrets Tea who is sharing the amazing story of how she reversed infertility and cervical cancer by incorporating medicinal teas and yoga into her lifestyle. Read more about her journey and brand below!

BLK+GRN: Who are you and why do you do what you do?

NEW NEW: My name is Newnew! Millennial Mompreneur, Doula, Herbalist, and Yoga Instructor are all labels used to describe me and using all of the knowledge I have, it's a mission of mine to empower women to reach their optimal health and beauty potential through holistic mind and body avenues. Self- care is required for self-love and is a characteristic we all need for a healthy life. BLKGRN: What was your "Aha Moment" and when did your vision start to manifest? NEW NEW: Back in 2009, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and informed I would not be able to bear children. I took to medicinal teas and yoga as my alternative, because accepting that fact was not an option for me. Years later, I am not only cancer-free but I have two beautiful and healthy children. This was my "Aha moment" because I knew I wasn't the only person in the world that received this or any other diagnoses. Other women needed to know that you can naturally cure your body of the many many diseases diagnosed in today's medical field.

BLK+GRN: Why do you think it is important to Buy Black?

NEW NEW: If we don't support ourselves, how do we expect others to? Black people have the highest buying power yet we are said to be the poorest of people. And that's due to lack of support from each other. Imagine what this world would look like if the most powerful people took back their power and started investing in our own people. Remember Black Wall Street; and having so much power that we had to be bombed and killed to be stopped? Now imagine that with today's conscious Black people. We would be UNSTOPPABLE!

BLK+GRN: How is your brand green? Why was this important to you? NEW NEW: What we put into our bodies is as important as what we put on or around our bodies. The importance of being green affects us physically as well as our environment. Making sure that all ingredients are whole, organic, and grown in love, ensures that every customer is getting the best quality product as possible. It would defeat the purpose to truly getting or being healthy if you are putting trash back into the body.

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