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Article: The Vagina Demystified

The Vagina Demystified

The Yoni, Box, Cookie whatever you may call it, to may the vagina is still seen as a taboo topic. Here at BLK + GRN we want to de-mystify that incredible space and answer your burning questions!

How do I heal chafing/irritation?

Summertime perspiration, hair removal, staying active, and recovering from infection can all leave vulva skin and sensitive areas dry and irritated from excess moisture, sweat, and oils. Excess moisture strips the skin of its oily protective barrier leaving the skin vulnerable to chafing and irritation.

Products like the Protective Feminine Skin Balm create a natural moisture barrier and when blended with the anti-bacterial Calendula oil prevent bad bacteria from entering the vagina leading to issues like Bacterial Vaginosis.

For everyday thigh rubbing to irritation from hair removal check out the Soothing Cream crafted by an OB/GYN and breast cancer survivor! This cream soothes freshly waxed/shaved skin and reduces inflammation via Sea Buckhorn, an anti-inflammatory anti-oxidant, Aloe Vera, a soothing gel, and Honey, a natural moisturizer.

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How do I stay fresh and maintain my pH balance?

All-natural pH balanced feminine wipes are a great way to refresh throughout the day for a quick clean up during your menstrual cycle, light mid-day cleanse, or an after play wipe following a romp with your partner(s). The Honey Pot Company’s feminine wipes cater to 'normal,' 'sensitive,' and 'mommy-to-be' vaginas all the while taking into consideration the unique needs of each type!

All of their feminine wipe products are pH balanced and filled with natural ingredients like cucumber extract and coconut water which have soothing and anti-fungal properties. If you prefer a spray application consider the deodorant spray from Kushae featured on BLK+GRN! Spray this on right after your shower for all day freshness that also works to protect your pH balance with anti-bacterial baking soda and arrowroot powder that softens the skin.

How do I cleanse and purify my vagina?

Though the vagina is self cleaning, it’s important to also to make sure the skin around it (the vulva) is also clean, fresh, and free of toxicity from damaging chemicals often in goods sold for feminine care.

However, natural commercial feminine wash products can be a convenient and quick method of caring for that delicate space without the mess of a DIY project. BLK+GRN carries cleansers like the Gentle 2-n-1 Foaming Wash as well as soaps catering to sensitive skin, normal skin, and for mommy-to-be’s. Be sure to wash the vulva with clean hands and warm water for best results. To further reduce the likelihood of infection and irritation, an educator for the Division of Peer Health Advisors at Princeton sex educator writes "make sure to dry the area gently but thoroughly after showering or bathing, and wear underwear made of a breathable fabric, like cotton."

Post cleanse occasionally send a little extra love to your yoni and purify that sacred space with yoni steaming. Purifying is different from cleansing in that the steam extracts the every day toxins the body comes in contact with like clothing dye, food toxins, and polluted air. Sierra of the wellness site ,Mind Body Green, notes that "the treatment is used to cleanse and revitalize the uterus, effectively reducing discomfort associated with menstruation."

It is a support to cleansing; cleanser removes surface contaminants while an occasional purification removes any deeply embedded toxins allowing the cleanser to work as it should revealing a healthy supple vulva and vagina. If you’ve never tried it you’re in luck as you can easily do it at home with a pot of steaming water and the Organic Yoni Steam Herbal Blend on BLK+GRN!

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What are alternatives to chemcial laden pads?

Many menstrual products can be quite expensive while filled with chemicals like the cellulose gel enmeshed with cotton on most pads that can lead to cervical cancer. Also, during the menstrual cycle pads can dry out vulva skin because of the lack of air flow so it may be time to consider all natural pads to create some ease in this tense time of the month.

Check out our selection of menstrual pads that contain aloe, rose oil, and lavender essential oil that have soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. We carry herbal infused pads with different flow absorbencies, panty liners for days outside of your cycle, and even some for post-partum mommy’s!

Will all-natural tampons reduce my risk of TSS?

Toxic Shock Syndrome or TSS is caused by toxins produced from bacteria such as S. aureus we come in contact with on any given day in harmless quantities. However, when conditions prove advantageous they can quickly grow and generate toxins; Dr. Michael Cackovic, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center describes such conditions as " almost like a petri dish," especially in the super absorbent category.

Thus it's important to support your immune system and reproductive system with products that minimize the risk of bacterial overgrowth and use all natural ingredients that work to support your bodies natural chemistry. Tampons like The Honeypot's herbal infused tampons are antibacterial and made from natural fibers with BPA free applicators. Ideally, it is better to use pads overnight to further reduce the risk of TSS and Tampons during waking hours.

If you're considering a long wear, reusable option keep in mind menstrual cups. They are typically made from medical grade silicone, can be disinfected, and left inserted for up to 12 hrs.

All natural menstrual products do reduce your chances of getting TSS but it does not eliminate it. So long as you have any object inserted in your vagina for an extended period there are risks depending on what is inserted. So, continue to support your bodies methods of repelling pathogens by using pH balanced feminine washes and antibacterial menstrual products with natural fibers that buoy your natural safeguards.

Leave us comments on any of our social media accounts (@BLKandGRN) and let us know if you’ve tried any of the products and your thoughts! Also, shout out any other natural ways you’re mindful in your feminine care routines!