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Article: The Power Of Moving In Silence


The Power Of Moving In Silence

As a Rooted Woman, not everyone will understand your drive, and some may doubt or try to sway the firm assurance you have within yourself and your capabilities. While we cannot control how they perceive your essence, you can control who you let into your evolved mind and space. Protect your dreams as you do your body, mind, and soul. Shield it from the negative energy that comes in all forms. And believe that all will manifest in divine timing.

Cultivating Creativity

Giving your plans the time to grow and develop under your intentional hand will fuel your creativity and independence, and solidify the belief in your work. This will also add to the ownership and autonomy you will feel once you’ve accomplished your goal.


In honor of upholding your boundaries and keeping your peace, know that not everyone is for you. In addition to that, not everyone will have the best intentions with your dreams and goals. Upholding your boundaries promotes bliss and happiness within yourself and your surroundings. It creates an environment that caters to your needs while you maneuver your way forward on your path.

Mental Clarity

Actively moving in silence allows you to cut out all negative thoughts, energies, and distractions. When working towards your goals, all naysayers will have to take a back seat. This Rooted Woman is only interested in support and a round of applause.

Connection to Self

When working towards big dreams, one of the main goals is to feel yourself moving forward and improving before others can. Taking the time to reflect and reminisce about how far you’ve come can make all the difference once you’ve crossed the finish line. Accomplishing a goal is a personal journey, so learning when to use discretion is imperative because it also protects your peace in addition to your dreams.

In a perfect world, the support would be greater than the congratulations, the encouragement would be second nature, and the negativity would be an afterthought. Fortunately, our community of love, evolution, and growth is here to provide nourishment to you on your journey, and to keep you energized as you continue to put your best foot forward. Know that you are destined for a future of abundance if you continue to believe in yourself and your dreams. You are your biggest cheerleader and supporter, and as such, you owe it to yourself to move in silence.

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Posted by Holli Muth on June 13, 2021 on Rooted Woman