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Article: The Power Of Safe And Sacred Touch


The Power Of Safe And Sacred Touch

By: Quiana LaRae

Recently, more and more humans are reporting feelings of loneliness. Never in all of history have we had access to so much technology that can have the ability to keep us connected on a global and universal level; yet, more people are reporting that they have never felt more alone and more isolated. According to the Health and Resources Services Administration, loneliness, in the U.S., is now considered an epidemic and increases the mortality rate.

While caring for ourselves is a non-negotiable, it's also equally important we are in connection and community with one another. Neuroscientist, John Cacioppo, defines loneliness as “perceived social isolation”. He goes on to say that what we believe to be a “cure” for loneliness, things like social contact and social support alone don’t necessarily work. He says that we must have at least one meaningful relationship where there is an exchange of give and take — a relationship that is of quality, where we consider the person our confidant.

Beginning the day we are born, to the day we transition, human to human connection and relationships are deeply important to our overall health and well-being. According to an interview with neuroscientist David Linden, with Robbins Research International, Inc., nurturing touch helps newborns grow faster as well as improve their mental and motor skill development; helps children be less aggressive and violent; adults show lower stress levels and improved immune function; and the elderly better process aging. In addition, the Touch Research Institute states that touch stimulates the release of oxytocin, the "cuddle hormone” or the “love hormone”. Oxytocin, with touch, is released by the pituitary gland, increasing bonding, trust, and attachment.

Safe touch is deeply sacred. When we incorporate safe touch into our spiritual practice and self-care routine, we can discover a new level of healing. From practicing safe touch with ourselves or enjoying a massage, we can bring presence and balance to our bodies and our lives.

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Sacred self-touch. A beautiful way to practice safe and sacred self-touch can include gently rubbing the back of your own neck and arm, brushing your fingertips across your stomach, rubbing oils and lotion on your skin after a warm bath. Our Good Night Darling Detox Bath Soak is a bath detox soak filled with rose petals, himalayan pink and dead sea salts that are hand blended with soothing eucalyptus and lavender essential oils. It can be a great addition to your bath to help you to relax. While taking a bath, you can make it a practice to use your hand to rub your arms or legs. Once you complete your bath, moisturize your hands, feet, and skin gently with our Laxmi Goddess Body Lotion. It is a lotion with 100% pure essential oil fragrance of sensual sweet orange, cocoa, cinnamon and amber, infused with gold mica for a luminous shimmer.

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Safe touch. In addition to practicing sacred self-touch, we can also incorporate safe touch provided by someone we trust, such as a practitioner who provides energy healing, such as Reiki, or massage. Safe touch helps to elevate and heal our energy levels as well as our stress levels and mood.

Safe and sacred touch can be a way for us to find our center. Additionally, it is a way for us to reconnect with ourselves, our bodies, our core, and with permission, people we love and care about deeply.