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Article: This one tool could change your approach to self care!

This one tool could change your approach to self care!

Written By: Crys Tucker

Over the years I have leaned how important it is to refresh your memory of the plans you’ve set for yourself. Not only does it help you stay motivated and focused, it allows you to really take note of all you’ve accomplished this far! So often we feel like we aren’t doing enough and that we haven’t accomplished anything but the truth of the matter is you probably just haven’t slowed down enough to recognize how much you’ve really done. That’s why it’s so important to consistently go over your goals.

At the beginning of this year, I made a post about how I go about setting my goals + insuring that I reach them using a method I’ve been using for sometime. (Check out that post here). I was literally just sharing my process in the post when it hit me! My process is seriously laid out like a map guiding me to my ultimate goal. Then it hit me why not make an actual map! One that will lay out my process simple and plan. And that’s how the Self Care Roadmap idea was created.

I think it’s important to set goals specific to caring for yourself separately from all your other goals because self care so often gets overlooked anyway that if you bunch with your life goals it will for sure be drowned out and not be as important as all the other things you want to accomplish. That is one of the major reasons why I’m sharing the map for free! In hopes that it will help make self care a clear priority + raise awareness about its importance in our everyday lives.

It’s never to late to make taking care of yourself a priority even if you don’t know where to start. There are so many different parts to self care that it can be hard to narrow it down. However, the roadmap can help you identify what you want to work on with its defined areas of self care section.

Getting your map is super easy simply click Here to have it delivered directly to your inbox!! I hope this helps you on your journey!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Until next time ➕〰️❤️💡