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Article: Episode 12: PUR Home - Angela Richardson


Episode 12: PUR Home - Angela Richardson

About the Artisan

Angela Richardson is a green living advocate who hopes to educate others on how to live an eco-friendly life. Angela is the CEO and Founder of PUR Home and is the formulator and product developer. She is passionate about natural products and began her journey into eco-friendly living 6 years ago when she made her first ever natural bar of soap. She has been obsessed ever since. Angela’s love for ingredients and their function in products is what drives her to create natural household and skincare products.

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss:

  • Having products that have nice scents, bubbles, and foam does not mean that your products are clean.
  • It is so important to know what products you are using
  • Remembering why you started and why you first went into business will keep you going during the trials of entrepreneurship

Check Out These Highlights:

  • The danger with Sulfates (5:00)
  • What is clean? (10:20)
  • Being a black women entrepreneur in the natural product space 14:55
  • Advice for the young entrepreneur (25:00)


  • "We've been tricked into thinking clean is one thing and it really isn't".
  • "Green living, eco-friendly living, natural living is a process".
  • "My process is slow, steady and precise"
  • "You have to unearth the reason why you're doing this"

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