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Article: Episode 13: Black Girl Sunscreen - Shontay Lundy


Episode 13: Black Girl Sunscreen - Shontay Lundy

About the Artisan

Shontay Lundy is the owner and creator of Black Girl Sunscreen. She loves to be outside. She often hikes practices yoga and walks her bulldog on the beach. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find a sunscreen that would protect her from the sun without cramping her style. Like many women with dark skin tones, applying sunscreen meant dealing with the white residue left behind by traditional products—and it wasn’t a good look.

Armed with an MBA and a personal vendetta against this unappealing residue, the New York-raised businesswoman started looking for a solution. She discovered that there were natural ingredients that could boost melanin production, offer proper UV protection and be fully absorbed by the skin. So, she worked with skin care experts to create BlackGirlSunscreen.

Biggest Takeaways you Don't Want to Miss:

  • As a black woman, you need to apply sunscreen daily.
  • Follow your passion, where ever your passion is, that's why your heart will be.
  • The name Black Girl Sunscreen is unapologetic in the fact that it is blatantly clear that it is made for black women.
  • You can use a lot from your full-time or corporate job to help you with your hustle.

Check Out These Highlights:

  • How Shontay came up with the formula for her sunscreen(5:32)
  • The must-have ingredients that Shontay included in her sunscreen (7:00)
  • Balancing having a corporate job and a business (11:35)
  • The reason and thought behind the name "Black Girl Sunscreen" (18:55)


  • "I am my customer."
  • "There are things that I learned that you cannot learn from higher education."
  • "Continue to dangle that carrot in front of your face and you will get there."
  • "There is a movement for people of color to level up and advance."
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