hunnybunny is a boutique manufacturer and retailer specializing in all-natural bath and beauty products.  Each item is handmade with care and superior ingredients.  Because skincare and haircare products are absorbed into your bloodstream like food, hunnybunny only uses natural and healthy ingredients to nourish your skin.  Many of our ingredients are food-based items you will find in your own kitchen. 

Before it hits the shelves, every hunnybunny product must pass the "Owner's Challenge" - is it good enough and safe enough to be used on the company's two owners, Nya and Zuri.  Made by a mother for her children, there is no higher standard.  Before your family uses it, our family uses it.  Compare labels.  Our ingredients are pure and natural.  Our ingredients are few.  The result is a superior product that is luxurious, safe, and worthy of being used by the most important people in your life.