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Article: 3 Steps For An All-Natural Skincare Routine

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3 Steps For An All-Natural Skincare Routine

By: Trinity Slade

Self-care is the best care! Typically, when we think of self-care, face masks and skincare are the first things to come to mind. Many popular and trendy facial pamper products contain countless chemicals and ingredients that are less than ideal for our skin, especially our facial skin (Winter 2005). This does more harm than good, so it is vital that we are actively aware of the products we are using on our faces.

1.Looking through ingredients should be the first step we take when considering a new product. Generally, the less ingredients the better. Products often have dozens of filler ingredients such as dyes and fragrances that are not essential. Some products we recommend and trust for your skincare needs are Jacq’s Organics 3-Piece Plant Based Kit Face Kit and Chloe & Chad’s Floral Rejuvenation Skincare Bundle.These two sets include only the best and most beneficial ingredients.

2. As Black women, we must pay special attention to the purpose of the products we use. For example, if a face wash claims to brighten dark spots and even skin tone, we should be aware that several products contain chemicals to bleach the skin. Although these products fulfill their claims to reduce dark marks and acne scars, they may also be providing this alternate and unwanted service.

3. Be wary of chemicals you can't pronounce or understand. This rule holds true with any product, especially those we apply to our face. Plant-based products are generally the most gentle and nourishing for our face. There is a natural solution for almost every skin ailment including scarring, acne, and eczema.

Facial washes and cleansers created by and for Black women are often our best option because the curators understand the needs of our skin types. Here at BLK+GRN, we're wholly committed to consciously and meticulously compiling all the best Black-owned, all-natural and non-toxic products. With this, we have curated a list with detailed explanations of products we personally trust and recommend to our lovely customers.

Photo via BLK + GRN

3-Piece Plant Based Kit Face Kit by Jacq’s Organics

Healing Face Cleanser
Cleansing is the first step! This cleanser is complete with amino acids and fruit enzymes from papaya extract. This product will also gently exfoliate, removing dead skin cells for brighter and glowing skin. To top it all off, it's naturally pink in color!

Revitalizing Face Toner
Ready to even out any discoloration? This toner will certainly help get the job done. The ingredient list includes a plethora of vitamins, a herbal extract blend, and fatty acids all designed to restore pH balance to the skin. This toner will also aid in minimizing pore appearance, and will remove residue of daily micro debris.

Nourishing Face Moisturizer
Now that our skin is clean, we must make sure it gets all its moisture restored. Packed with antioxidants including vitamin C and vitamin E, this easily-buildable face moisturizer will have you set for the day.

Photo via BLK + GRN

Floral Rejuvenation Skincare Bundle by Chloe + Chad

Geranium Face Wash No worries about feeling dry and depleted after this face wash. Made with hydrating aloe vera, coconut oil, castor oil, and geranium essential oils, this wash will clean and nourish your pores. All ingredients are organic, cruelty-free, and kid safe.

Organic Hibiscus Face Toner
Made to balance the skin, this toner is botanical-based. Fresh flowers, fruits, and leaves are distilled into water to clarify skin. The hibiscus, witch hazel, and apple cider vinegar included makes for the absolute perfect and powerful, yet gentle blend.

Unscented Organic Face Serum Sensitive skin? No problem! The vitamin and nutrient-rich oils in this serum make for a restorative skin experience. Some of the magic-working ingredients include jojoba oil, argan oil, and camellia. Of course, all of these ingredients are organic. Note that a little goes a long way with this item. Apply only a few drops to the face and spread throughout.

Remember, consistency is key! Maintaining a daily skincare routine is essential to skin improvement and care. Our skin requires to be washed and moisturized twice daily. If you are desiring a more even skin tone free of hyperpigmentation, a face kit including a toner may best suit you; use this toner after you wash and before you moisturize. Sunscreen is completely mandatory, especially for Black women. Be sure to check out our post on sunscreen for tips and advice on how to pick your favorite!

Starting this month and continuing forth, let’s put in the extra work and be mindful of what we are putting on our faces. Let’s commit to a skincare routine with products that serve us!

What all-natural products do you use in your skincare routine?