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Article: Cleansing Your Space and Energy


Cleansing Your Space and Energy

By: Trinity Slade

Physical cleansing is important, but we are more than just physical beings! With this, let's discuss how to cleanse our energetic fields. Throughout our day, we encounter dozens of experiences, both good and bad, that shape and alter the energy we carry and release. This energy affects our mood, spirit, energy, and outlook on life; it also affects those around us. Harboring negative energy can bring about more negative energy causing for an ongoing cycle of negativity and adversity. Of course, we all want to experience positivity and bring this light to the world, but how do we begin?

Peace and positivity start from within, so we must first do introspective work. Start by asking yourself a few questions. How do I view myself? Do I feel that I am good enough? How do I view the world around me? Do I look down upon others? Do I feel that I am worthy of good things?

The way we view others and our environment is a direct reflection of how we view ourselves. With this, start paying attention to your thought patterns. Negativity no longer serves you, so let’s work to get rid of it!

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This introspection is a form of meditation and reflection. It is often helpful to create a calm and encouraging physical setting when meditating. Consider creating a reflection area complete with some items of assistance. The Blue Sage Meditate Candle is made for the purpose of creating a sacred meditation space to focus on the manifestation of personal goals. This beautifully and delicately crafted candle is made with soy wax and essential oils and it emits an aroma of rosemary, lavender, and sage.

During meditation, after waking and/or before bed, it is beneficial to sage your space to clear it of negative energy you may be carrying or may have encountered. Sage has been used for several thousands of years for several purposes including fertility, food preservation, and memory enhancement. White sage has also been shown to be helpful for women’s health issues such as menstruation and night sweats (Gladstar, 2012). Today, sage is often used for the purpose of purifying our personal energy and our personal space (such as a bedroom or house). The White Sage Smudging Wand is the perfect sage bundle to cleanse your energetic field. Burn the leaves of this wand and let the smoke do the cleansing.

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As women, it may be beneficial to be mindful of the energy we carry in our sacral chakra which holds regard to sexual energy. Circumstances such as heavy periods, cramping, uterine and vaginal complications, emotional and sexual ties with past partners, and trauma can be eased and even eliminated through the practice of yoni steaming. Within this age-old practice, an herbal blend crafted specifically for the yoni (sanskrit for vagina) should be put into water that has been boiled and steeped. The Organic Yoni Steam Herbal Blend is the perfectly curated product created by and for Black women to purify from within. Now that your setup is configured, squat or stand over the pot, bath, or yoni steam seat to experience the relaxing and healing benefits of the session. It is often that we as Black women experience and hold onto negative emotions and ailments involving our sexual energetic field and it is time to release this.

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After fulfilling the aforementioned practices, take time to appreciate the work you have dedicated to cleanse yourself! It is a wonderfully radical act to take care of ourselves in today’s society, yet you have decided to commit to yourself - how amazing are you! Take these steps with you along your lifelong journey. You will thank yourself as this becomes easier and easier. You deserve the benefits and healing that you will receive from these practices.

Good luck and congratulations on your healing journey.