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Article: Here's How To Finally Make The Transition To Natural Deodorant

Here's How To Finally Make The Transition To Natural Deodorant

By: Shawna Davis

By now, most of us are aware of the different toxins found in conventional antiperspirant deodorants. Although scientists haven’t found any scientific evidence that directly links the use of antiperspirants to the development of breast cancer, this 2003 study has shown that some of the ingredients found in antiperspirants, specifically aluminum, can be a contributing factor to the development of breast cancer at an earlier age, especially with women who shave frequently. In addition, aluminum is also the active ingredient used in deodorant to prevent or reduce armpit wetness, however, it may not be so healthy to block your body from doing what it should naturally do - sweat.

Armed with this information, I was determined to make the switch to a sweet-smelling and safer alternative compared to the chemical infused product I’d slather all over my armpits that didn’t really coincide with my natural lifestyle, anyway. While the journey of testing out many natural deodorants consisted of me learning the hard way, I was finally able to throw in the towel once I found the right combination of products to use that help me, well, fight the funk.

So exactly how do you successfully transition to using a natural deodorant? Read on to find out how to make natural deodorant work for you.

Step One: Start with a detoxing mask

The main concern people have when beginning to use a natural deodorant is if it actually works to combat mustiness. While picking the right natural deodorant has a lot to do with maintaining freshness throughout the day, it’s extremely necessary to let your armpits go through a detoxing process after switching from a conventional deodorant. Detoxing your underarms encourages the body to rid itself of the toxins from your pores to help minimize odor and it allows for a fresh canvas before you start using natural deodorant.

Photo via Saige + Ivy

When shopping for a detoxing mask for your underarms, consider Deep Detox Underarm Mask by Saige + Ivy. This product aids in making the transition process much easier while getting you adjusted to your natural deodorant. Infused with simple and nourishing ingredients such as rhassoul clay, bentonite clay and essential oils, this detox removes dirt and build up from your underarms, stimulates blood flow and clarifies while maintaining the skin’s natural oils. The Deep Detox Underarm Mask will condition the underarms and help you to smell better longer, especially in comparison to not detoxing your underarms at all. Additionally, this mask will aid in the appearance and feel of your armpits as well.

Step Two: Go for a scrub

While this step is optional, it’s a great additional step to take after detoxing your armpits if you want to ensure an even smoother transition, literally. Exfoliation helps create a smooth surface on the skin and removes dead skin cells that contain odor-causing bacteria. A good product to use for this step is Pit Scrub by The Healing Place Apothecary. Pit Scrub is designed specifically for the armpits to help prevent razor bumps, ingrown hairs and hyperpigmentation. With ingredients such as organic sugar, walnut shell, aloe vera and a combination of refreshing essential oils, Pit Scrub works to brighten the underarms through exfoliation, as well as hydrate the skin, leaving it soft and moisturized.

Photo via BLK + GRN

Another underarm scrub to choose from is the Replenish Underarm Scrub by Saige + Ivy. This scrub has the same benefits as Pit Scrub, however, Replenish Underarm Scrub can also be used on the body or wherever there is rough skin or hyperpigmentation.

Step Three: Choose your natural deodorant

Thankfully, there are quite a few options to choose from nowadays when shopping for a natural deodorant. If you prefer to use a spray, Natural Deodorant Spray by Saige + Ivy consists of a refreshing blend of essential oils and apple cider vinegar that work together to eliminate the bacteria under your arm, leaving you to be odor free throughout your day.

Photo via Saige + Ivy

For people who are used to using the common roll on deodorant, hunnybunny’s All-Natural Deodorant is made up of seven simple ingredients that mesh well to create an amazing scent that lasts for 12 hours. Manuka Probiotic Deodorant by Lalin et La Sirèn is a great vegan option, especially for those with sensitive skin, and is created with powerful ingredients that aid in moisturizing and eliminating free radicals and odor.

Photo via BLK + GRN

Additionally, if you’re looking for a natural deodorant for your little one, Play Pits’ All Natural Deodorant provides odor protection that is designed to last through physical activities, but is sensitive enough to reapply as needed.

Photo via BLK + GRN

If you don’t mind putting your fingers to work when applying your deodorant, PiperWai’s Activated Charcoal Deodorant is formulated without baking soda, making it ideal for people with a baking soda skin sensitivity. On the other hand, if your skin can handle baking soda, The Healing Place Apothecary’s Deodorant Balm is a great option to consider as its nourishing ingredients work to block slight moisture with the help of baking soda and arrowroot powder, all while soothing the skin and keeping it hydrated and fresh.

Photo via BLK + GRN

Similar to the Deodorant Balm, Funk Butter Natural Deodorant by Oyin Handmade contains baking soda and kaolin clay which both work to help absorb moisture and keep you cool. As an added bonus, you can use Funk Butter Natural Deodorant between toes to help block odor and reduce sweat!

Photo via BLK + GRN

Remember, there is no one-size fits-all solution when trying out different natural deodorants, so try not to give up if it’s taking you a few tries to find your underarms perfect match.

Have you made the switch to a natural deodorant yet?