Laws of Nature Cosmetics

Founder: Jasmine Rose

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Founder and CEO Jasmine Rose began her healthy beauty journey in October 2007 after her mother's stage four Breast Cancer diagnosis. Soon after, she learned that her mother's cancer had metastasized and this sparked a interest in learning more about Breast Cancer. 

Through research, various sources revealed that there was a strong link between certain chemicals in cosmetics, environmental factors and instances of Breast Cancer. After this discovery, she started to examine her own beauty and dietary habits, and made the decision to adopt a natural lifestyle. 

During this transition, she had difficulty finding healthy foundation suitable for her skin tone/type. After years of frustration, she started experimenting with cosmetic recipes in her kitchen. Once she found the perfect foundation formulation, she decided to launch the Laws of Nature Cosmetics® brand to provide women of color with plant-based mineral foundation, formulated with high-performance botanicals to promote clearer, healthier looking skin over time.