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Episode 23: Kreyol - Yve-Car- BLK+GRN

Episode 23: Kreyol - Yve-Car

Yve-Car is the CEO and cofounder of Kreyol Essence and was driven by her vision to stimulate economic activity in Haiti. In this podcast episode, Yve takes on the role of interviewing Dr. Kristian ...

Episode 22: Kushae - Kimba & Dr. Barb- BLK+GRN

Episode 22: Kushae - Kimba & Dr. Barb

All too familiar with the big corporations that sell unsafe and far from caring products, OB-GYN Dr. Barb and ex-Pharmaceutical Sales Consultant Kimba came together to offer women pH-balanced, chem...

Episode 21: Koya Webb- BLK+GRN

Episode 21: Koya Webb

Koya Webb, Founder of Get Loved Up and author of Let Your Fears Make You Fierce, has spent the last 15 years empowering people to accept and love themselves through wellness, self-love, and persona...

Episode 20: Dinobi Detergent - Augie and Sylvia- BLK+GRN

Episode 20: Dinobi Detergent - Augie and Sylvia

Mom-preneur Sylvia Emuwa and her husband Augie, founders of Dinobi, were driven to create a gentle enough product to combat their family of six reoccurring skin irritations. With no response from t...

Episode 19: Teni Adewumi- BLK+GRN

Episode 19: Teni Adewumi

Teni Adewumi has spent the last six years advocating for and educating black women on the hidden dangers found in the ingredients of personal care products. Using her background in industrial hygie...

Episode 18: Curl Mix - Kim Lewis- BLK+GRN

Episode 18: Curl Mix - Kim Lewis

There will likely come a time when the only person who believes in the true worth of your business is you. That’s what happened to entrepreneur Kim Lewis. Kim and her husband, Tim, owners of the na...

Episode 17: Blue Sage Eco Boutique - Christina Arenas- BLK+GRN

Episode 17: Blue Sage Eco Boutique - Christina Arenas

Some things should be sacred, like our home spaces, our rituals, and the things we feed our bodies. Christina Arenas, one of our artisans and creator of Blue Sage Eco Boutique, works to cultivate b...

Episode 16: AbsoluteJoi - Dr. Anne- BLK+GRN

Episode 16: AbsoluteJoi - Dr. Anne

one-size-fits-all approach to skincare, but here’s what we do know: Most of the products marketed to black women have toxins in it, and these toxins are known to have adverse effects on our overall...

Episode 15: Natural Annie Essentials - Annie White Brown- BLK+GRN

Episode 15: Natural Annie Essentials - Annie White Brown

There isn’t a lot of regulation for what goes into mainstream personal care products and how they’re labeled, so it’s really important to know there are people who are in our corner and producing p...

Episode 14: Dr. Crystal Jones- BLK+GRN

Episode 14: Dr. Crystal Jones

Dr. Crystal Jones decided to be the change that was needed in healthcare, religion, and wellness. She redirected the focus of her practice of chiropractic, reiki, energy medicine, yoga and birth an...

Episode 13: Black Girl Sunscreen - Shontay Lundy- BLK+GRN

Episode 13: Black Girl Sunscreen - Shontay Lundy

Shontay Lundy is the owner and creator of Black Girl Sunscreen. She loves to be outside. She often hikes practices yoga and walks her bulldog on the beach. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find a sunscr...

Episode 12: PUR Home - Angela Richardson- BLK+GRN

Episode 12: PUR Home - Angela Richardson

Angela Richardson is a green living advocate who hopes to educate others on how to live an eco-friendly life. Angela is the CEO and Founder of PUR Home and is the formulator and product developer.